Learn to Dive

Never been diving? Then you’re one of our favorite customers! There’s nothing more thrilling than first-time divers discovering the joy and excitement of scuba. Our beginner scuba class is taught by the best instructors in the business, with safety being our #1 priority.

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Scuba Schools International has recognized our facility as SSI Diamond rated dive center, placing us at the highest level in diver instruction. SSI standards for training and certification are among the most stringent and reflect state-of-the-art methods and equipment. Our SSI instructors have certified thousands of divers and can’t wait for you to join in.

Beginner Scuba Class

There’s nothing more thrilling than first-time divers discovering the joy of scuba. Our beginner open water classes are taught by the best instructors in the business, with safety being our #1 priority.

Advanced open water diver

This course is designed for divers looking to enhance their diving experience. The advanced course not only gives you an advanced rating, but you walk away with four specialty certifications.

Refresher course

A main component of being a responsible diver is practice. The refresher course allows you to review skills, assemble your gear & ask our friendly dive instructors any questions you may have.

Specialty Dive Classes

enriched air Nitrox

Diving with nitrox provides two main benefits: Increased bottom time at shallower depths as well as decreased risk of decompression sickness.

diver Stress & Rescue

Learn how to detect and prevent stress in yourself and your diving companions, while mastering the rescue skills needed to help a diver in trouble.

Perfect Buoyancy

The Perfect Buoyancy class gives divers the opportunity to work with an instructor on proper weighting, proper breathing and adjusting buoyancy..

underwater photography

Many of you have a digital camera & underwater housing. It’s likely you are asking yourself how to take better pictures. This program is available to answer your photography questions.

wreck diving

Learn how to locate wrecks and prepare for a wreck dive. 2 mandatory dives will apply the correct wreck diving techniques, evaluate and avoid the potential risks while diving on wrecks.

equipment techniques

This program teaches you how to choose the right equipment for your needs. You will learn how to fit, adjust , maintain and make small repairs right on the spot.

search & recovery

Get ready to learn to perform different search patterns with the help of ropes and compasses, as well as plan search and recovery operations in a team.

First Aid CPR With AED

Classroom, video, instructor led course that teaches critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking or sudden cardiac emergency.

oxygen provider

This course will teach you the techniques of emergency oxygen administration for suspected diving injuries and nonfatal drowning.

Professional Dive Classes

Dive Master

The SSI Dive Master program gives you the skills and experience required to safely lead groups of certified divers, and is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional without requiring you to complete an instructor program.

Open Water Instructor

Increase your retail and industry knowledge and add professional presentation/sales experience through modern workshops and practical applications.