Parent/Child Classes

This class is for all swimmers ages 6 months – 2 years old. A parent or guardian must be in the pool with the child. Often time parents hesitate to start their little ones in lessons “too early”, but there is no such thing as too early! At a young age, your child can learn to float, breath control, submersions, swim skills and much more. Babies are in water for 9 months before they are born and have a natural affinity for it. The earlier you start, the faster they learn and the less likely they will fear the water.
Schedule and Price
We have three scheduling options for the group classes during the spring. The weekday classes are two days a week for four weeks. You can choose either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. We also offer a one day a week class held on Sunday mornings. Each class is 30 minutes long.
We do require that each child wear a swim diaper until they are fully potty-trained.

We love all our parent/child swimmers! Click here to enroll, or give us a call at 512-451-3425 today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Besides learning how to swim, this time in the water has many other benefits:
  • The intimate contact of skin to skin between the parent and child in the water creates a strong bond between the two.
  • Studies have shown that children/toddlers/infants that start swimming lessons at an early age can develop both mentally and physically stronger and quicker than those who do not. This is because they are able to exercise muscles that they would otherwise rarely use at that age.
  • Participating in lessons also teaches them how to follow instructions. This will promote better behavior at home and in school as they get older.
  • The combination of our warm water relaxing the babies and the exercise of swimming will both increase their appetite and promote better sleeping and eating patterns.