Pflugerville Swim Lessons

Our Pflugerville location is only available during the Summer months and is currently closed.

Our Pflugerville location offers Summertime Swim Lessons. We have a wonderful outdoor pool with a great backyard feel. This location is a great option for families looking for a more backyard pool learning experience or who are located a bit more North! The pool has a shallow side that’s about 3-5 feet deep and with a deep end that is 9 feet deep. We have a great rock formation that allows kids to challenge themselves and try jumping in from a higher point. This is also a great location for Adult Swim Lessons. It is never too late to learn how to swim and be safer in the water!

Our Pflugerville address is: 20234 Keilman Ln. Pflugerville, TX 78660

Tom’s Dive & Swim has been servicing Austin for just over 40 years. We are so excited to be able to extend our influence to the greater Pflugerville area. Our goal for your child’s lessons is to get them comfortable and safe in and around the water (while having fun as well!).

We offer both private lessons and group lessons at this location.


Privates: $60/45 minute lesson.
This option is for just about anyone! Some do much better with one on one attention. Can also be great as an introduction for a new swimmer before joining a class. If you are an adult that is interested in a lesson please book by email:

Group Classes: $119/Session.
Our sessions are four times a week for two weeks (Mon-Thu)

We offer Preschool Level 1 & Preschool 2 (ages 2-5) and Child Level 1 & 2( ages 5 -10).

Why take Group Lessons over Private Lessons?
This can be a great push for some to be able to see peers trying new things and give them the confidence to try it themselves!

You can book any of these lessons by clicking the “Book Swim Lessons” tab or give us a call: (512) 451-3425

If you have any further questions feel free to email our Pflugerville Pool Manager: Sarah Littlefield